Bonded Roller Blinds

Not all fabrics are suitable for Roller Blinds, however GB Custom Furnishings have honed their skills over 40 years to make Bonded Roller Blinds. By way of a simple explanation, a Curtain fabric may be bonded to a bonding cloth to make it suitable for a Roller Blind. Side hems use double-sided tape and bottom pockets are sewn for strength and longevity. Precise cutting and pattern matching is essential in this painstaking process that achieves a truly unique Roller Blind.

GB Custom Furnishings pre-shrink all fabrics which are manufactured into Bonded Roller Blinds, to ensure stability in the finished product, for their clients.

As some fabrics are not suitable for the bonding process, GB Custom Furnishings tests all of their client’s fabric prior to commencement of production.

GB Custom Furnishings also manufacture matching Pelmets and Valances to create a suite of Soft Furnishings to accompany Custom-Made Bonded Roller Blinds and add the finishing touches to a beautiful room. Pelmets in a soft or hard finish are available depending our clients’ needs and desires.